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AdBlue Ingredients: What is AdBlue Made Of?

There are many myths surrounding AdBlue and its ingredients. Some believe that it’s made of pig urine and some believe it’s a highly dangerous liquid: both of which aren’t true. Adblue is actually a high purity, chemically manufactured solution of high-purity urea (32.5%) and deionised water (67.5%). As the urea solution is mostly water-based, it… Read more »

The Benefits of Using AdBlue

Developed for the motoring industry and made of urea and water, AdBlue is used in many diesel vehicles and is actually a legal requirement in trucks and modes of public transport that were manufactured after 2005. However, despite it being a necessity to many, not all know the benefits that using AdBlue brings. Unlike things… Read more »

AdBlue Prices

We often get asked ‘how much does AdBlue cost?’ However, it isn’t always a simple answer. The amount of AdBlue you want and in what form you require it, like a can, drum or in bulk, for example, can all affect the overall cost of AdBlue. AdBlue is charged by the litre, however, if you’re… Read more »