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How to make your fleet greener

Every business in the modern world is aware of climate change and the harmful impact humans can have on the planet. It has been found that motor vehicle emissions are a big part of the problem and are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm up. While you might want to do your bit to combat this, it is sometimes tough to know where to start with fleet management. One easy way is to take steps to make your fleet greener.

But how can you go about this?


1) Review drivers’ habits

Over time, even the best drivers can fall into bad habits when trying to get goods delivered on time. Although this is understandable, it can result in a much bigger carbon footprint for your whole fleet. Common examples of poor driver habits to look out for are excess acceleration (which leads to more fuel being used) or leaving the engine running when delivering parcels. Try to educate drivers about poor habits like this and you should be able to reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

2) Optimise delivery routes

You would be surprised at how many companies with fleets do not do this! It can be a real problem because it sees drivers taking less efficient routes. This not only slows them down but also sees them using more fuel and pumping out more pollution into the environment. To help resolve this, use delivery route planner tech to show your drivers the best route to take instead.

3) Be pro-active in fuel management

To make your fleet greener, you must know how much fuel you are using first. In order to do this, many firms will look at fleet fuel consumption at daily, weekly and monthly intervals. This then allows you to manage fleet fuel consumption in a proactive way and address driving habits with staff who use excess fuel. A good way to achieve this is by giving each driver a fuel card to use.

4) Bring down the weight of the load

Although it might sound obvious, bringing down the weight of the load can help with fuel economy. While it might be small gains per vehicle on each trip, this will soon add up over your whole fleet. Lighter loads mean quicker trips and the vehicle having to work less to haul it around. This sees less strain placed on your fleet and less pollution sent into the air.

5) Use urea solution in fleet vehicles

The last major way to make your fleet greener is by using Adblue solution in vehicles. Made from urea and water, this solution has been specifically designed for the motoring industry. A legal requirement for many trucks/public transport vehicles made after 2005, it is also particularly effective for making diesel cars greener. The major benefit of this solution is that it reduces harmful emissions from vehicles and thus combats global warming.

Going green does not mean going broke!

There are many benefits to running and eco-friendly fleet. There is no doubt that managing a fleet of busy vehicles in an eco-friendly way is a challenge. It is not impossible though and also does not have to hit your profits. By putting the above tips into practice, all fleet managers can make their business greener.

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